About Gateway

We understand that the success of a company is based on creating positive and fun relationships both internally and externally

Ryan Walker
President & CEO of Gateway Wireless LLC

Meet Our Leadership

In 2015 we knew the wireless world would never be the same. Gateway Wireless began by opening its first store in Crystal City, Missouri and now boasts one of the largest Cricket Wireless Authorized Retailer footprints in the Midwestern, United States. We look back and are thankful for how far we have come but will continue to strive to go further. Passion, compassion and values drive us forward daily in our mission to provide consumers with a better and simpler wireless experience.

Our Core Values

Go The Extra Mile

We always go the extra mile for customers, co-workers, and the company. With enthusiasm, we strive to go above and beyond to exceed people’s expectations in everything we do. Through word of mouth and referrals, we understand that going above and beyond creates real growth. It is not just something we say. It is something we do and our daily actions reflect this.

Stay Selfless & Humble

We believe in humility and what is morally right. We are aware of our accomplishments but understand that we have a long way to go and a short time to get there. We realize that there is always room for improvement. While there is a time and place to celebrate our accomplishments, no single person is bigger than the team.

Extreme Ownership

We take full responsibility for our actions and performance. We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them. When problems arise, it is our responsibility to find a solution. Tell the truth. If we do not know the answer, we say “I don’t know,” but be the person that is going to find the solution.

Take Initiative

We are problem solvers. When we identify a problem, it is our job to solve it. No problem is too big or too small. We do not wait on someone to tell us how to solve the problem. We take on the task with the intention of finding possible solutions. Leading by example is not one way to lead, it is the only way.

Build Relationships

Gateway is made up of amazing individuals, but it is only through our relationships that we achieve greatness. We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism. Working together with equal parts humility and ambition, we build strong relationships both internally and externally.


Every day you work with Gateway, you represent the company. We never stop being ADVOCATES. This means we represent the company, our values, and our most valuable asset-our fellow team members. We believe that having passion is contagious and live our lives enthusiastically by the values for which Gateway stands.


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Looking for a new path? Grow with Gateway

With one of the largest Cricket Wireless footprints in the Midwestern, United States there is a place for you at Gateway Wireless! Join a growing Authorized Retailer that strives to provide its customers with excellent service and its employees with an amazing work environment.

Working at Gateway

Open Positions

A Cricket Wireless Authorized Retailer




2 GB


High Speed

Data Plan


  • Unlimited Talk & Texting in United States
  • 2 GB of High Speed Data*

*Data speeds reduced to 128 Kbps after high speed allowance is used

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